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Workplace Civility: Handling Difficult Conversations with a Coworker

Frustrated with the dealing with a difficult co-worker?  Need to speak with difficult co-worker almost daily and need a better way?

This online course will help you identify the techniques that are not working currently, while developing your toolkit to improve these difficult workplace conversations.

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Business Presentation Skills Basics

How to prepare and deliver your first big presentation – with ease.

During this one-day, live workshop, you will have the opportunity for real world practice to help you overcome your presentation fears.  As a result, you will gain increased confidence in your abilities for your next presentation.  

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image-course-improving-your-presentation-skills-093016Improving Your Presentation Skills

Required to give presentation periodically, but want to get better?  Want to practice in a safe space?

This two-day, hands-on workshop includes key actionable tips that will enhance your current presentation style.  You will have the opportunity to discuss the difficult situations and learn effective techniques to handle them with increased knowledge and confidence

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image-course-professional-presence-women-093016Professional Presence for Women in the Workplace

Alter your professional brand fast.

Changing and mastering the perceptions coworkers and executive leadership have of you in the workplace.  Special attention to unique attributes of the millennial and generation Y/Z.

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Course: Meeting Management Skills for Professional WomenMeeting Management Skills for Professional Women

“Manterruped” or over-talked in meetings?  Barely acknowledged in meetings?

A “how to” course that takes you step-by-step through managing the difficult participants in your meetings.  Focused attention on managing the male colleague who interrupts you while speaking or takes your takes and takes credit for it – constantly. 

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Respect and Civility – Lynchpins in the Workplace

This online course allows participants to practice techniques for handling uncivil and disruptive behavior. 

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Key Steps to Handling Difficult Conversations with Coworkers

Dread “working with” that person on your job?  Have to work with the bully in the workplace on a task and dreading it?

This is a great online course on handling difficult one-on-one conversations in the workplace – with your co-worker, your project team member, your small business colleague, or even between an entrepreneur and a client.

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5 Strategies to a Handling Difficult Conversations with Your Boss

Need to ask for a raise?  Annual performance review coming up?

This short online course will provide an overview of key steps you can take immediately to become more skilled at preparing for the different types of workplace situations and plan proactively the conversation strategies to an improved result.

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