I have been writing corporate training courses for major organizations for many years.  .  Like most of us, I wanted to write a book someday.  I assumed that writing a book would be a breeze.  The road to publication can take a lot of twists and turns.

“You don’t write because you want to say something.  You write because you have something to say.”  

 F. Scott Fitzgerald


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Influential and Motivated

Enclosed you will find quotations curated for common organizational topics, including workplace leadership, customer service, and the value of knowledge.  Influential and Motivated is available.

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Fierce and Focused, 55 Workplace Quotations to Support Your Working Life

Fierce and Focused  is frequently used in my formal classes as a learning tool to illustrate key points within the material .  It has helped and encouraged hundreds of attendees in the corporate environment focus on their workplace goals.  [Read more here…]

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Book - Till Death

Till Death

My debut book, Til Death,  was based upon a challenge encountered while conducting technology training for healthcare professionals at a hospital.  I wanted to explore the impact on patient care and safety.    [Read more…]

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You know the first step.  You must write.  Consistently.  Get it out of your head and onto paper or the screen.  Forget formatting, punctuation and grammar

Since 2014, I have been writing at least 200 – 300 words a day (outside of my normal instructional design and corporate training job).  I have navigated the self-publishing tools, and processes since 2005.   If you have questions, I am willing to share what I have learned with other aspiring writers and instructional designers.

Whether you want to write an online course or want to publish a book of the much-loved family recipes, I will try to answer your questions.  Submit your questions and register below for the next live Q&A session.


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