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I am focused on workplace skills improvement and learning.  I’m not trying to solve all the challenges of the business world.    I’m just trying to contribute to the solutions.

  • Author of several books and publications.

I began my working career at fourteen, began tutoring at age seventeen,  completed the internal corporate training university at age 25 and conducted my first soon thereafter.  I had my first training manager position at the age of forty managing six corporate trainers, two instructional designers, and more than ten training consultants.  Since then, I have earned my M.A. in Training and Development (minor in HR) and an undergraduate degree in Business.

I have worked for several Fortune 500 organizations, including IBM, and as a consultant to several healthcare, mortgage, retail and financial organizations.  In this capacity, I designed courses, hired and mentored corporate trainer, managed training implementations and related budgets.  I have designed, developed and delivered hundreds of the corporate training classes, hands-on workshops and seminars for technology-based skills and performance improvement skills.

 My Blog  blog was started in 2014 began as a way to share and make a difference.

In addition to writing the blog, I am the author of several books and articles.   Several of the books are available on

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I have been delivering presentations and hands-on workshops since my early twenties, and increased as my corporate career and consulting business grew across multiple industries.   As a result, I have been given the opportunity to mentor others aspiring to share their knowledge as corporate trainers and instructional designers for the workplace.

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This is my blog and not a public space.  Critical discussion is fine, I will, however, decline to approve (or delete) your comments if you descend into personal attacks, inappropriate language, disrespectful behavior or excessive self-promotion.

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