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Why do you care?  ♦  If you are like me, you are inundated with email messages, alerts, and notifications.

Maybe you are able to keep up.   Or maybe you just want someone else to wade through the pile, and pull out the good stuff.

In this periodic series (at least twice monthly on our favorite day of the week – Friday – we will name our favorite articles related to workplace issues.   We love articles that give “best practices”, lessons learned or actionable tips or steps that we can use to improve our workplace environment.

We hope you will find nuggets that you can utilize in your working life also.

 Articles Reviewed  


New Course!    5 Strategies to a Handling Difficult Conversations with Your Boss  >> Read more here

 ♦   Workplace InequityU.K. Vogue editor shames designers who ‘flatly refused’ to dress plus-size model Ashley Graham for magazine cover

How many times during your career have you been criticized for the lack of career development or promotional opportunities?  Even though you knew you were deserving, with a proven track record and performance, it may not be enough to receive the same opportunities as others.  Even in the “shiny and bright” entertainment industry  it is still a workplace and women encounter entertainment workplace challenges repeatedly – and yet are still blamed for their own lack of opportunity.  Read more here

♦   ProfessionalismBalancing Fun And Professionalism At The Holiday Office Party

According to Carol Kinsey Goman, author of the article entitled “Balancing Fun and Professionalism at the Holiday Office Party”, there are ten key things to remember when considering attending the annual office celebration.  Although most are the standard suggestions, one safe and interesting idea is to attend with a work “buddy” or partner to increase your comfort and keep focusing on your intention to expand your professional network together.  Read the other nine suggestions here

♦   CulturalConfronting Racial Bias At Work: What It Looks Like And How To Handle It

According to Race Forward Research Insititute Director Dom Apollon, some of the less obvious workplace discrimination include: criminal background or credit checks that aren’t specifically relevant to a job.   Read more here


♦      Worker Equality Some Garbage I Used to Believe About Equality,  If I’m going to embarrass myself, I’m taking you with me

In an article written by Johnathan Nightingale, he states “I will probably spend the rest of my life trying to be less of an ass. I think this is a fine occupation for most people”.  He further goes on to explain several thoughts about women and minorities in the workplace that he wants to work on changing – and why.   Read more here



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