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Overwhelmed with unread  email messages, alerts, and notifications?   Having trouble keeping up?   As promised, at least twice a month, on a Friday – we name our favorite articles related to workplace issues with actionable tips, lessons learned or key ideas of the workplace.


 Articles Reviewed  

  • Empathy Beats Anger in Resolving Workplace Conflicts

  • Ten Unmistakable Signs of A Toxic Culture

  • Ageism in the Workplace

People of solid character won’t jump to conclusions about me, and they’ll give me the benefit of the doubt.”

~ Eleanor Strong, writer


 dandelion-1363238__180    Work Relationships: Empathy Beats Anger in Resolving Workplace Conflicts

This article presents a different perspective – that the person who offends another worker during the workday, may in fact be deserving of compassion. Do you agree?


fractal-1742109__180    Environment: Ten Unmistakable Signs of A Toxic Culture

“For many working people is that the actual work on their desks is the easiest part of the job.  Nothing they are responsible for doing at work is especially challenging. It’s only hard to do the job because of the politics, the stupid rules and the dark, fearful energy that flows throughout the workplace …”


michelangelo-71282__180   AGEISM IN THE WORKPLACE: More than one in four ‘treated differently to younger colleagues’

A recent study highlights older workers who report that” they are ignored, passed over for promotion or seen as part of the wallpaper”. In fact, almost one third of “working sixty-somethings” report a difference in how they are treated within today’s diverse workplace, including having their ideas and work experience being ignored or belittled, as well as being bullied.




I hope this collated group of “Friday’s Favorites” articles provide some insights, tips and techniques that you can use.  My recommendation to you:   be aware of your workplace dynamics and culture. Support your teams, respect the diversity of your fellow workers, challenge the status quo and be open to learning.

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